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Here are all the places you can visit nearby, which will enable you to discover Périgord’s majesty during your stay in our campsite!


Dordogne Périgord           logo-villamblardsite officiel VILLAMBLARD

Villamblard is a rural village of 900 inhabitants, located at equal distance of Périgueux and Bergerac (around 25 kilometers away from each). Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of this little village, which provides you with all the important shops you need: bakery, butchery, grocery store (where you can get tobacco, the press + gas station), several hairdressers, drugstore, hardware store and a renowned distillery… You can also benefit from numerous hiking trails, Saint Jacques de Compostelle for example, 2 tennis courts and a municipal pool to relax during your stay.


Périgord is renowned for the numerous touristic areas it contains, and is in this respect one of the most important counties of France; among others, you’ll have the possibility to visit castles, abbeys, country houses, troglodytic sites, caves, chasms, gardens and museums…

Some of Périgord’s finest goods are renowned throughout the world

Fine wines such as the Monbazillac or the Pécharmant, each excellent.
Liquors and brandies from old distilleries in Périgord.
Walnuts, strawberries and tobacco…
Some of our county’s finest delicacies, among which the “foie gras,” French truffles or boletus species…

Discover the White Périgord:
Périgueux and the Isle Valley…

The name of the White Périgord originated in the white-chalk colour that characterises the rocks to be found in the region, which have always been sculpted with the utmost care and the greatest skills. The main valleys in that region are that of the Isle and of the Auvezere, which are perfect locations to fish.


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Cathédrale Saint Front Périgueux Dordogne Périgord

Périgueux used to be named “Vesunna” in ancient Roman times; several remains from that period are contained in its museum.
It is the capital city of Dordogne, and was awarded the title of “Ville d’Art et d’Histoire” (Cultural and Historical City) thanks to its maze of narrow ways, its private mansions, its unscathed neighbourhoods and its great “Saint-Front” cathedral, one of Unesco’s World Heritage Sites. The way to Santiago de Compostela benefits from the same title.

Black Périgord’s richness:
Sarlat and its numerous castles; the beautiful landscapes of the Vezere and the Dordogne Valleys.

As unexpected as it may seem, it wasn’t truffles which gave their name to the Black Périgord, but the solid oaks to be found in the region with their dark wood. That region beholds many important touristic sites and remains from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period…
The Vezere Valley is one of the most important European sites in terms of prehistoric remains (paleolithic sites, caves and naturally-carved shelters). As much as fifteen sites in that part of Black Périgord are among Unesco’s many World Heritage Sites, earning that part of Périgord the title of “Pôle International de la Préhistoire” (International Prehistoric Center) of the Vezere and Dordogne valleys.


Sarlat (full name: Sarlat-la-Canéda) is one of Dordogne’s many old fortified sites; it is located at the very heart of Black Périgord and must be visited on foot. The city’s first building was the old monastery which was built in the ninth century. The hard work of its religious community made it expand greatly (its dimensions are close to those of Périgueux or Bergerac) in the twelfth century.

Castelnaud la chapelle

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Château des Milandes Dordogne Périgord

The city of Castelnaud-la-Chapelle is renowned for its great castle (that of the “Milandes”), which was the home of the African-American entertainer Josephine Baker. By walking through the castles’ many rooms and corridors, one can discover the lavish and extraordinary life of that woman. Birds of prey can be observed in the garden of the castle.


Belvès, with its seven bell towers, is a beautiful medieval city which benefits from overlooking the Nauze Valley.


Beynac – one of Périgord’s most breath-taking landscapes. The center of the town is at the very edge of a great cliff and is overlooked by a fortress. Possibility to travel on the river by boat; kayaking possible; many walking trails.

Les Eyzies

Les Eyzies is located at the crossroads of two rivers, that of the Vezere and of the Beune, in Dordogne. It is well renowned for its many prehistoric sites and its beautiful landscapes.


Montignac is undoubtedly a must-see in Périgord, since it is where the Lascaux Cave is located. Only the reproduction of the cave can be visited nowadays. You can do some canoeing around that site. Regourdou chasm nearby. Museum about bears and their divinisation in some cults.

Purple Périgord:
the heart of Bergerac, with its country houses and vineyards.


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BERGERAC Dordogne Périgord

Bergerac’s famous vintages (Monbazillac and Pécharmant) are among what makes it a truly beautiful city to walk in. It is the capital city of Purple Périgord. Along with discovering its historical and natural resources, you will undoubtedly greatly appreciate getting to see its rich landscape when travelling on the river that crosses through the city.


The town of Issigeac is a very original place to visit at the south-east of the vineyards of Monbazillac. Its charming ways make it a very original place, along with its gothic-styled, sixteenth-century church.


Monpazier is without a doubt the most preserved country house in Périgord. It was built as a means of defending a commercial route, and is thus one of many other country houses to be visited around the place.

Green Périgord:
the surroundings of the Isle Valley and Périgueux.


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Abbaye de Brantôme Dordogne Périgord

Brantôme is a splendid city, around which many sites make its cultural and historical heritage apparent: a great prehistoric museum, megalithic sites around the town, celtic and roman remains, troglodytic sites, etc… Its belfry is deemed the oldest in France and was studied by Viollet-le-Duc.

Saint-Jean de Côle

Saint-Jean-de-Côle’s asset is its great castle (that of Marthonie) which housed many shootings for famous movies. It can be visited in July and August.

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